This website celebrates the artwork of Lou Hirshman. His constructions, based on three-dimensional objects, can only be represented here by two-dimensional photos, sometimes of low resolution. To see a scrollable version of an artwork in a large format, click on the image.

For more details on Hirshman, go to his Wikipedia page the Story blog and the Lou Hirshman Group on Facebook.

Lou Hirshman: Self-Caricature – 1949

While much of Hirshman’s work is represented here, the whereabouts and/or owners of some of the actual pieces, although documented by photos, still need to be determined. To view them, go to Help: Missing Art.

Please use the contact page if you have any information on:

1) the current location of Hirshman’s artwork;
2) names and contacts of current owners;
3) the existence of other pieces not cataloged here